Rapid and Ultrasensitive Diagnosis of Rotavirus by Thermoplasmonic Amplification


Infectious diseases continue to pose a major threat to worldwide human health and lead to significant morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs. Among them, rotavirus is the leading cause of severe diarrhea disease in newborns and young children worldwide with approximately 300,000 pre-adolescent deaths each year. Rapid diagnosis is critical for early and accurate treatment, as well as initiation and reduction of transmission which eventually reduces hospital stays, antibiotic over-prescription, and taxing limited laboratory resources. Current diagnostic methods are either slow (viral culture, PCR), or lack sufficient sensitivity (e.g. rapid diagnostic tests). The goal of this project is to develop rapid and ultrasensitive diagnostic tests with potential to replace current viral culture and PCR based laboratory tests.

Zhenpeng Qin, Ph.D. UTD
Assistant Professor – Mechanical Engineering
Michael R. Roner, Ph.D. UTA
Diane Frawley, THR

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