NO, proposals exceeding allowable page length will not be reviewed. (see below)

  • Title page using the program Template with a scientific summary
  • Description of the project, not to exceed five pages, including figures, tables, etc.
  • Cited references for the project (not to exceed two additional pages)
  • A two-page biographical sketch for each principal investigator in a consistent format (NSF or NIH format), including a list of current funding
  • Two or more budget pages with the budget broken out separately on each page for each collaborating TexasMRC Institution.
TexasMRC does not dictate the amount each collaborating institution should receive. However, Budgets should be allocated equitably among institutions.
NO, like most foundations and small funding opportunities TexasMRC does NOT provide feedback.
Proposals granting “First Option Intellectual Property (IP) Rights” to a corporate partner will be eliminated from funding consideration. Any intellectual property arising from TexasMRC projects will be managed in accordance with the intellectual property policies of the inventors’ employers.
NO, grant funds may not be budgeted or used for the following:

  1. Faculty salaries
  2. Employees of collaborative partners (i.e. THR, TI, etc.)
  3. Travel to conferences, workshops, etc.
  4. Building construction, alteration, renovation, rent, or utilities
  5. Membership dues
  6. Overhead
  7. Non-TexasMRC Institution personnel