Sensors for Diabetic Foot Diagnostics and Ulcer Prevention


The goal is to develop 400 sensors to place in a diabetes patient’s shoe to monitor the pressure on their foot and ultimately prevent foot ulcers from developing. The technology is unique because it is designed to measure the pressure and shear on the foot at the same time. The researchers have completed the design of the sensors and have fabricated IC components.

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 Explanation of research accomplished.

  • validated the performance of slotted patch antennas and loop antennas for shear and pressure measurements;
  • Realized a smart shoe with shear and pressure sensors embedded in the insole of the shoe;
  • Demonstrated rapid and wireless interrogation of the embedded sensors during walking;
  • Published one journal paper, two conference papers, and one conference presentation;
  • Received funding from UT Transform program to develop a prototype Smart shoe;
  • Filed a provisional patent;
  • Submitted proposals to National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health;
  • Extended the sensor concepts for smart bed and smart prosthetics applications.


Sneaker Diabetic Smart Shoe

Current status of projects.

We are working on implementing the interrogation circuits on a printed circuit board so it can be embedded in the insole of the shoes as well. In addition, data processing algorithm that can extract the shear and pressure information from the sensor measurements is under development. We are seeking funding from the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, and DOD Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs.


Publications, Patents filed, additional funding secured for each project

One journal paper has been published. A provisional patent is filed. A small grant from UT Transform program is secured for further refinement of the SmartShoe design and fabrication.


PI’s Biosketch

Professor Haiying Huang is an associate professor at the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UTA.  She graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering in 1998 and a Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 1997. Prior to join UTA, Prof. Huang has worked as a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories and served as an assistant professor at Purdue University. After joining UTA in 2006, Professor Huang has established the Advanced Sensor Technology Laboratories with supports from NSF, AFOSR, ONR, and several Texas state funding agencies. Prof. Huang’s group is actively pursuing researches on studying antenna sensors for simultaneous shear and pressure sensing, with focused applications on diabetic foot ulcer, bed sores, and prosthetic fitting. She has published more than seventy journal and conference papers and has eight US patents and disclosures. Professor Huang is a recipient of 2008 NSF CAREER award and 2007 Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship.

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Primary Investigator:

Haiying Huang, UTA
Associate Professor  // 817-272-0563 // Biography

Team Members:

Bhaskar Banerjee, UTD
Fan Gao, M.D., UT Southwestern
Lawrence Lavery, M.D., UT Southwestern


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