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We propose to develop a fully automated blood infusion pump equipped with peripherals for monitoring the critical signs and parameters for the fetal blood transfusion operation. The proposed system is called the Computerized Infusion and Monitoring System for Fetal Blood Transfusion, or Computerized Fetal Transfusion System (CFTS) for short. It is to facilitate the blood transfusion operations with high precision and reliability under full control of the surgeon. Intrauterine fetal blood transfusion for Rh disease (Rhesus isoimmunisation) is a lifesaving operation which becomes necessary when Rh-sensitized mother’s immune system attacks and destroys fetal red blood cells endangering the life of the fetus during pregnancy. The fetal blood transfusion through the umbilical vein in the placenta is a delicate operation providing blood to fetus directly with fast positive results. Such operation may need to be repeated multiple times during a pregnancy.


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